Dwarves vs Zombies (or DvZ) is intended as a large role-playing game (RPG) where a mass amount of players gather together to form a large force against the undead to last as long as possible. It is impossible for the dwarves to win this game, however it is not about competition but having fun with others and getting into the role of the character.

Concept Edit

The concept is that the players are the remaining people of the Dwarven civilization that are being rampaged by the undead. The Dwarves are attempting to protect their Dwarven Shrine for as long as possible and there are only so many Dwarves left, whereas the undead hordes are endless.

Starting Edit

Everytime a new game starts, all players start as a dwarf and has one day to prepare for the upcoming invasions and once night hits, the dwarves are plagued that kills many players. After the dwarves are plagued, the undead hordes are released. Each player is only given one life per game, and death causes the player to join the monster side.

Death Edit

After dieing, the player can choose from three types of forms to take, each with their own strengths against the dwarves. Random monster events will cause random monsters to be picked that is to shuffle special monsters and abilities.

The Plague Edit

If the player is infected with the plague at the start, the players goal changes from protecting the dwarven shrine for as long as possible to trying to kill off the dwarves as quickly as possible.