Camelot  is a three-team pvp game, where the goal is to capture the "keep" which is the castle in the middle of the map. Capturing the keep requires one team to have more players one the top of the keep, but anything above the beacon in the middle dosent count. 

Class Types:

Red team: 

The red team's first class is the beserker, which has two rows of health (40 hp) and a axe with +9 damage, and light armor (44% damage reducction). The main feature of these class types is that most have a rage potion, which gives a 135% damage up for 20 seconds. While the beserker classes are red, any team can use them, and red can use any class. Other beserker classes include the barbairian, which has no armor, health, and damage up.

Beserker upgrades:

-Warmask, increases movespeed by 10%

-Golden porkchop, a full heal

-Blood shield, an full row of absorbtion hearts for 8 mins

Blue team:

The Blue team focues on health and armor, giving up damage for and speed for longevity. The knight is the starting class for this color, it has 2 and 1/2 rows of health ( 50 hp) and the same armor as full iron. The main point of these classes is to survive. They start with 3 potions that are a 16 heart heal, and give resistance II (40% damage protection) for 20 seconds. As with red, all teams can use this class. However, all knight classes are slow, the base knight is 25% slower than normal walking, and templar is 50% slower than nomarl, but it has 3 rows of health and more damage.

Knight upgrades:

-Plate helmet, an 8% damage reduction on top of your armor

-Reinforcments, speed I for 15 seconds when spawning as a knight

-Constition, 2 extras heal potions

Green team: 

The green team's focus is on range, they have the lowest health but have very high damage. While next to useless in the keep, they do count as two players, and with their high damage, they can be used to quickly rush the keep and take it. The base ranger starts with 1 and 1/2 rows of health, (30 hp) and light armor. Their base bow is power 8, which is enough to 3 shot most not-knight classes. 

Ranger upgrades:

-Upperhand, gives you regen I for a bit when you deal damage

-Leap potion, gives you a leap potion that allows rangers to leap over the walls of the keep

-Quiver, doubles your starting arrows